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Popular Lofts

Loft Conversion have never been more popular due to the cost of the properties and space limitation. The vast majority adding an extra floor to an existing property, usually 2 storey house, or enlarging a bungalow.

1. Dormer loft conversion

The most popular type of loft conversion is the dormer. A simple flat roof that is an extension of the existing roof creating a box shape. This loft extension generally requires no dramatic changes.

2. Mansard loft conversion

A mansard loft conversion is constructed by raising the party wall (the wall shared with your neighbours). The roof remains flat, while one outer wall slopes gently inwards.

3. Hip to gable loft conversion

A hip to gable loft conversion straightens an inwardly slanted end roof to create a vertical wall.

4. Roof light loft conversion

A roof light conversion is where you don’t alter or expand the existing space at all, but simply add in windows and reinforce the floor to transform an attic into a comfortable living space.

Will You get your Money Back?

Estate Agents routinely define residential property in terms of the numbers of bedrooms, so when it comes to adding value an extra bedroom is always a welcome addition. When the time will come to sell, buyers will very likely perceive it as a valuable additional bedroom.

Six Keys Loft Questions

  • Is there enough headroom?

  • What type of room is it?

  • Are the internal walls taking any loading?

  • Where will the new stairs go?

  • Is there any entrance hall?

  • Are there tanks and pipes that need to be relocated?

2V Projects ltd is a profesional Design and Build Contractor to take any projects from start to the end.

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