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Tips before ordering Bespoke Joinery

Bespoke Joinery is very popular in the Building Industry, Interior Design, Architecture, Artistic fields. One of the most significant factor before starting any project is to have an understanding of the final result. Most of the time limitations in such projects could be the budget and space limitation.


The importance of drawings preparation is very high when doing bespoke joinery project, but not only. We advise our clients to have detailed technical drawings before starting ,as this will reduce the time and cost of the project.

Our technicians can prepare detailed drawings and 3D drawings.


The importance of making accurate measurements over stands all other parts of the project . If you make errors at this stage, it may lead to major issues in the future. Nowadays, equipment is very accurate and works based on the exact measurements. Our CNC Milling machine works based on the 3D drawings and therefore sizes and details are very important at the planning stage.

When cutting the marble or porcelain, even glass to be implemented in the wooden products we take measurements with the laser machinery and prepare accurate sizes as the Water Jet machine cuts exactly accordingly to the size taken on site.

We recommend that sizes to be taken several times or even better is to have the laser measurements, the service comes with a cost but can reduce a bigger expense when sizes do not match.


Your choice of materials will also prove to be crucial and are to be thought of on the planning side. Depending on your requirements there are a wide range of woods to choose from and also on other materials that may be implemented in the project. Other materials use in the bespoke joinery can be: Glass, Marble, Granite, Porcelain etc. The list of materials is so wide that sometimes is so hard to choose. Therefore, we recommend to have an interior designer to collaborate with when choosing the bespoke joinery for the interior where the product will be installed.

Design, Planning and Technical Drawing

Planning for the project is very crucial and must be well thought. In case the colour or the material does not match with the interior you may need to reorder the product that will lead to an additional cost.

On this stage you should think of the functionality, ironmongery, style, finishes and materials of the product.

As example a bespoke product may be done with soft wood, hard wood or veneered finishes complemented with marble, metal, brass, bronze, porcelain and any other materials.


It’s important to remember that your finished project will need to complement the rest of the room. At the design stage, you have to take in consideration the entire room, materials available, colour and style of the room. Speak with your interior designer or you can ask our designers.

Professional Advise

Engineers will have to check your project to make sure the project is complying with the health and safety and how it will work to the best benefits of the client. At this stage technical details will be discussed and project analysed before given to production.


We can recommend you our sister company that can help your project with the full bespoke service from design to manufacturing or the joinery. The company is 4 Joinery Ltd-

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