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A bit of Swimming Pool History

Swimming pools accordingly to Archaeological Discoveries have been built since 2500BC, however this is just what was found until now.

The "Great Bath" at the site of Mohenjo-Daro in modern-day Pakistan was most likely the first swimming pool. This pool is 12 by 7 metres, is lined with bricks, and was covered with a tar-based sealant. (Wikipedia)

Swimming Pools where intended, as now days for different occasions. So the Pakistan Swimming pool, is considered to be used as spiritual Bath. However, the Greek Swimming Pool, dated 750 BC and Roman Pool, dated 100AD, were intended as a Public Bath.

Also, Ancient Greeks and Romans built artificial pools for athletic training in the palaestras, for nautical games and for military exercises. Roman emperors had private swimming pools in which fish were also kept, hence one of the Latin words for a pool was piscina.

The first heated swimming pool was built by Gaius Maecenas of Rome in the 1st century BC. Gaius Maecenas was a rich Roman lord and considered one of the first patrons of arts.

Ancient Sinhalese built pairs of pools called "Kuttam Pokuna" in the kingdom of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka in the 4th century BC. They were decorated with flights of steps, punkalas or pots of abundance, and scroll design.

We have evolved and nowadays we can build larger Swimming Pools that can be dual zoned to incorporate a separate hot tub area and have any fittings you desire. Our propulsion based counter current systems deliver the very best in swimming spa performance. ​ Most pools are delivered in one piece and crane lifted into place, however, for basement pools and sites with restricted access, we can deliver custom pools in modular form for final assembly on site.

This denotes once again that we, humans have always been the same and wanted to use all available sources and knowledge and developments to create the life better, weather that was for health or just for entertainment.

Since, we like to prove our wealth by building Bespoke Construction and swimming pool was always a choice of the Wealthy as also, offers lots of Health Benefits.

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