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Top 6 Benefits why to use a design and build company

London properties are highly priced and moving out to a large property very often is hard and stressful also could be more expensive.

A better solution will be to enlarge the existing property, this way gaining space and also increasing the value of the property.

The process of realising a project an extension, loft conversion or a basement conversion is:

1. Design and apply for planning permission

2. Structure Drawings

3. Technical Drawings

4. Interior Design

5. Tendering

6. Building

Of course all services can be employed separately for every stage and as a primary a building contractor we are working on a flexible process of building with our clients.

On a Design and Build the firm becomes the single point of responsibility. That means that, as an individual or developer, you will incur less risk. You may even experience a significant reduction in the time it takes to complete the project.

A bit of legal.

Design and Build Contract (DB) is intended for use on construction projects following the design and build procurement route. This involves appointing a main contractor to design (or complete the design) of the project and then to go on and construct it. This is as opposed to the traditional procurement route in which the client appoints consultants to design the project and then a contractor is appointed to construct it.

Design and build gives a single point of responsibility for delivering the entire project, and can help ensure good buildability, cost control and speed. Some clients however, consider it is only appropriate for simple projects, where retaining control over the design is not the main priority.

The scale and complexity of design and build projects can vary considerably, but the DB contract is generally suitable for projects where a detailed agreement is required, making provision for collaborative working, sustainability, advance payment, third party rights, bonds, collateral warranties and so on.

Why 1-Responsibility

When one company is responsible for the design and construction of a residential property or commercial property a better understanding of costs involved before beginning the process is discovered. This can significantly reduce the amount of conflict that often arises between designers and contractors with other building methods.

On this method you are having only one party responsible for the entire project and is easier to trace the issue and find solutions. When to many companies involved is difficult to take decisions, and hard to trace the responsible party.

Why 2-Scheduling

2V Projects ltd company will create a schedule, gantt sheet for the entire project focusing solely on it. They are able to create a logistic of the work in such way that the entire team can sometimes work simultaneously on different aspects of the project. This is not limited to any residential or commercial project.

With only a single firm handling the scheduling, a smooth and stress-free working environment benefits all parties involved. Developers and Clients looking for property investments are likely to choose this type of service for a stress free process.

Why 3- Lowering stress

For many individuals and developers, one of the best things about working with a design and building firm is that they can relax in knowing that their entire project is in capable hands. Because both the design team and contractor have a vested interest in keeping costs as low as possible, fewer conflicts will arise. With an understanding among the parties involved that everyone is working together, you can look forward to working with a collaborative group of professionals focused solely on your project. In addition, you can experience the benefits of having a personal advocate on your side during negotiations.

Why 4-Expertise

A design and build contractor company is usually largely competent on different aspects of design, build and manufacturing. The entire team being a part of a one stop design are learning how to be flexible and understandable. Both sides, as the design as well as the building parties are learning from each other. 2V Projects ltd have developed during the long period a large expertise also in the bespoke manufacturing of products for commercial project as bars, restaurants and hotels.

Why 5-Cost

When you are able to get all the services under one roof of your project payments terms and cost can be analysed in more deep. As the scheduling and the entire project management is under one roof there could be savings of the logistic costs versus the cost that may be paid for the administration cost of every company employed.

The nature of a design-build firm often enables even the largest commercial construction projects to move forward with only a single contract for both design and construction. Not only does this save time and money, but also it can certainly promote a smooth process from start to finish.

Why 6-Less confusion

Regardless of your budget or the size of your commercial construction project or residential project, working with a design and building firm is a great way to get your project completed in a fast, efficient and affordable manner. The collaboration of all parties involved enables a higher and more transparent level of communication, which means less confusion throughout the process from start to finish.

For more information of benefits of a design and build company you can contact 2V Projects ltd's team.


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