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Litokol Microcement

2V Projects is a Contractor for Commercial and residential projects we specialise in loft conversions, extensions ful renovations for Residential Properties as well as commercial properties. We are the approved installer of the Litokol Microcement based on the epoxy based resin what make the product flexible and offers a large range of RAL colour applications. Today we discuss the Litokol Microcement SpazioLamina EVO #Crudo.

Decorative systems that reproduce the reflections and texture of raw metal to design evocative and enveloping spaces.

Surfaces with SpazioLamina#Crudo effect denote a strongly contemporary and modern style with a slightly vintage touch, creating a unique but classy environment.

Metallic surfaces are a contemporary design trend that never cease to amaze, which season after season are increasingly enriched by new interpretations on surfaces, but also all types of furnishings.

SpazioLamina#Crudo is a perfect fit for this tendency thanks to a technical and stylistic research project offering this material all the rough and iridescent charm of worn looking metallic surfaces.

The texture of this continuous surface discreetly enriches and warms the environment, strongly defining it but without being overbearing. The collection’s surfaces are directly inspired by four different metals: Steel, Copper, Brass, and Bronze.

These surfaces are amazingly versatile and are the perfect scenic background in a wide range of interior design solutions, from industrial to vintage, modern classic to contemporary.

If you would like to discuss your project our team will be happy to help you in your design and materials.


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