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Litokol Microcement SpazioResina EVO

2V Projects is a Contractor for Commercial and residential projects we specialise in loft conversions, extensions full renovations for Residential Properties as well as commercial properties. We are the approved installer of the Litokol Microcement based on the epoxy based resin what make the product flexible and offers a large range of RAL colour applications.

  • Today we discuss the Litokol Microcement SpazioResina EVO. A smooth surface characterized by light shading and delicate chiaroscuro effects, ideal for contemporary but also classic and elegant settings, and also in combination with more pronounced styles such as vintage or country. The shading is imprinted through a manual process and can be modulated to suit the desired atmosphere and suggestion, thus creating a unique and personalized tailor-made finish. These effects are equally engaging using both neutral and more natural tones, and can easily be combined with a wide range of interior design solutions from minimalist to the most eclectic styles.

  • Rinaldo Rinaldi’s colour palette The artist from Modena and his wife, in addition to being scenic painters are also masters of colour, and during their career have studied scientific, historical, and cultural aspects tied to the visual perception of colours themselves. Through the skillful combination of pigments, natural earth colours and dyes, for more than 40 years they have been creating infinite colour palettes used to decorate their theatrical backdrops. Based on this wealth of experience, Rinaldo Rinaldi designed a palette of 27 nuances for Spaziocontinuo®, characterized by balanced and harmonious colour schemes designed to furnish living spaces in a scenic key. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us; our dedicated support team will be happy to help you.


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