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Modern Style Loft Conversion in London

Loft conversion is a very popular building in London and is a convenient way to enlarge the property. Such a project is a large investment of the clients therefore in these buildings clients are putting lot of their hearts and doing the best to achieve a useful space that will match with their design.

2V Projects Ltd have built many loft conversions in London in different styles and shapes. Today we want to show you the Modern Style loft conversion we have recently completed. Why we like the Modern minimalistic styles? Is because these works requires a more attention to details and this is what we like.

For this project the client have decided to be brave and combine different colours and finishes. The loft bedroom has been completed in a deep dark live green colour with black finished windows. The floor make the loft to look lighter as has a whiter finish. The electrical switches, lights and sockets have been chosen in a brass finishes that are offering to the bedroom a much more luxury look and finishes.

Modern Loft bathroom

A loft conversion bathroom is a brilliant addition to your home when extending upwards. Most often the bathroom is a small room however in this projects the client made a decision to have a large option for the bathroom. This loft conversion bathroom is flooded with sunshine due to the large window and the roof skylight above the shower.

On the walls the interior designer with the client came to the idea to use the terrazzo tiles what have been an amazing decision and the bathroom looks light and colourful in the same time. The brass fittings of the sink, shower and bathroom are an important accent of the bathroom showing the bathroom as a luxury modern bathroom.

The shower is a wet shower or how we may know it as a walk in shower is made with a no glass due to the size and is a very light space due tot he roof skylight.

The entire property looks super lovely due to the designs of the spindles and colours chosen by the client.

If you are interested to discuss your project please visit us on to access our contact or just email us on:


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