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Micro-cement Floor for Extension

The latest trend in Design and Architecture is actively implementing the Industrial Style and using cement finishes.

A micro-cement floor versus a polished concrete is different in the look however, the micro-cement being just a 3 mm thick application is very resistant to cracks and can be used for the floors with underfloor heating, while a polished concrete may crack on heat exchange.

Benefits of the Microcement

  • Offering a larger colour option

  • Creates a modern seamless tactile feel with a simple and elegant look

  • Its flexibility and minimal thickness allows it to adapt to any type of surface: horizontal or vertical

  • Can be applied on existing surfaces

  • Minimal thickness

  • Can be applied with underfloor heating system

  • Modern look

  • Durable material

  • Provides a contemporary style that greatly improves the aesthetics of any room (is mainly used in living rooms, outdoor spaces, kitchens or bathrooms)

Microcement can be also applied on walls and offers a natural and contemporary look. It is widely used in offices, shops, restaurants, hotels and other commercial projects.

Very easy and fast to build and install, it has great resistance and requires very little maintenance. Besides, it combines very well with other materials such as stone and wood, and it is possible to colour it in any shade.

What can be very beneficial is that, the application of the micro cement in walls also works perfectly for tile and ceramic coverings in bathrooms or kitchens without needing to remove what is already placed.

If you are thinking in implementing this material into your project don't hesitate to contact us about your requirements, please call in at 07578930828 or email

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