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5 Tips for Extension Building

We have recently finalised an other rear extension in London, Elephant and Castle.

Today I would like to share with you 5 tips that helps the project to run smooth and within the time frame.

1. Have an exact plan of what you want to achieve

Very often clients do not know what they want until the builder is finalising works based on some original plans.

Any changes during the building process delays the project and creates lots of issues and changes of what has been built already.

On this project we have just finalised the client spent more time on the drawing boards and having detailed drawings it has been easier for us to complete the job within the time frame and the budget.

2. Have a list of the products

An other important matter is the finish products as toilet, basin, radiators, floor finishes, tiles etc.

These products some times comes as final installation, however when building the floor level, walls or ceiling.

We advising our clients to procure or at least to decide and have the technical drawings of the products as these will help in the best decision of levelling, walls building and planning the entire project around these important featured products that make the biggest difference in the property finish.

3. Interior Design

The finished project will always depend on the choice made for the project on the colours charts, materials board and little details as handles or the doors, handles of windows and cabinetry. As less important these little details may appear but will make a huge difference on the appearance of your property is for your self or even if is for rental.

So we advise to contact an interior designer to help designing your interior.

4. Have a budget and add 10% over heads As much as we would want to keep any project within the scope of works due to the fact that we are always connecting the new build extension to an existing property by opening walls, floors we founding details that changes the scope of work.

Therefore, be always prepared for any overheads. A good contractor will have an allowance for some of over heads but not always that will cover the entire spectre of changes.

5. Choose the right builder

How to do that? In my point of view is a hard task of which you can respond only by yourself. The reason is that very often we will choose the Contractor based on the feelings and connections we have with him.

For us being a Contractor Company specialist in Design and Build Extensions, Lofts and basements developed our own system that helps us and the client to have a transparency through the entire project.

How we work:

1. Our clients will have access to the daily photo report

2. Our clients will receive a certificate Valuation of completed works for the week. Even if you are outside the country you will be fully informed with what is happening on site.

If you would like to know more of the process of work with 2V Projects Ltd do not hesitate to contact us:


tel: 07578930828

Please see the video of the process of the works for a last extension completed

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