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Loft Conversion Experts in Fulham

Loft Conversion Experts in Fulham

2V Projects Ltd is a construction company based in Fulham but offering its services in the surrounding areas.

Should we call our selves Loft Conversion Experts?

Probably this name should be given by the customers that enjoyed the building process with us. Of course, our extensive experience in Building Lofts makes us very confident in building any lofts in any complications. Also, we have extensive experience in Building Modular Lofts.

What are modular Lofts?

A modular loft is a prefabricated loft conversion that is built off-site in the manufacture. The loft structure is built in a factory in different sections known as modules. These are then delivered by lorries to the property. Modular loft conversions require the entire existing roof of a property to be removed so that the new pre-built structure can then be lifted into place.

What are the main considerations when installing a modular loft?

The difference between a modular loft and a traditional loft is the design. Another difference is, as most houses are out of square, and not level, therefore a traditional build can accommodate this differently than the modular loft.

A modular loft will also require everything, including all parts of the design, to be agreed on up-front. It means that in modular loft things such as plug points, bathroom walls, size of windows, positions of bathroom fittings, etc, cannot be moved in the future as the structure is made of metal beams.

In terms of the roof structures, a modular loft requires the whole roof of the house to be removed in order to fit the pre-built structure.

Another important matter that you have to take into account is that wit the Modular Loft will be erected a scaffold without a hat roof. Only a temporary roof will be installed and that may create a delay when delivering the modular loft based on the weather. Also, the roof will be protected by a temporary plastic roofing but may be cases when water can penetrate due to the severe weather conditions.

Why 2V Projects ltd?

As a Construction Company in Fulham we built up a good understanding of the customer needs that where implemented in the company policy in order to offer our clients the confidence of the works to be completed in a quality manner.

We are a Building Company with the knowledge in building loft conversions as in the standard way as well as the modular way. So our clients can be sure of the flexibility and the knowledge to offer good advice on the building works.

2V Projects Ltd is taking the project from the stage idea through the process of the planning application and interior design to the completion of the building itself. The benefits of having a design and build vs a traditional construction company I am sure you know already.

Our policy is always more is better and what that means. As we hate the overheads and to ask clients for the additional costs we are doing our best to include as many details as possible. Being in the business for so long we know how our competitors trying to win projects by offering a low price with the desire to cover on the additional works. We are doing it differently. We include as many details as possible, that we already know that will happen to avoid chasing the client for the additional works. And more is less, we have always offered to our clients a more value of services that were always expected. And we are sure our clients are appreciating this.

Though, as many are looking for the cheapest price when on the market for design and build a company or just for a building company we may look expensive when compared with competitors. We know that very well but we can not change our morals and policy of being as transparent as possible and include even some hidden costs if we can see them.

So if you are interested to work with us call us now on 07578930838 or email us


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