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Kitchen extension


2V Projects Ltd is a construction company based in Fulham but offering its services in the surrounding areas. In this article we discuss a kitchen extension.

One of the most popular reasons for building an extension, creating a bigger kitchen space is a great way to curate a new hub of the family home.

From small side returns on a terrace house to full-width rear extensions on semi-detached properties, kitchen extensions offer the chance to rearrange a layout which doesn't quite work for your lifestyle and can give a tired home a new lease of life.

Try to consider what the new kitchen space will be used for. Kitchens are rarely used simply to cook in anymore, so considering family seating, a small home office space or a children's play area will help kick start the layout.

Kitchen extensions don't have to be huge, sprawling designs to transform an existing house.

By utilizing large glazing and window styles and other small kitchen extension ideas, a greater connection with the garden can be established and the sense of space will be increased.

Bifold or sliding patio doors are fantastic options that offer views out all year round, while installing a large roof lantern can bring in plenty of natural light to the new space.

Let in the light with an orangery kitchen extension.

When designing a kitchen extension, spend time and effort on making sure plenty natural light infiltrates the space — but don't make the rest of the house feel dark! This is a delicate balance, but one that is important to get right.

Find inspiration from kitchen conservatory extensions in how to incorporate roof light, roof lanterns and patio doors into the new space.

Bring your dream home to life with 2V Projects Ltd. We will help guide you through the planning process and ensure our plans fit in with any planning restrictions.


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